Clare Duffy – Artistic Director

Hello. I’m Clare I’m a playwright and a director and I started Civic Digits Theatre Company because I want to be part of working out what it means to be human in our digital futures: How can we be friends, family members, citizens, artists, scientists, have fun and be curious human beings?

The image above is a selfie I took

On average we take one a day. Well. One that we’re going to share, the average selfie takes 7 minutes to create. So that’s 49 minutes that we spend every week taking selfies.

So that’s 42.466667 hours a year..taking selfies. So in ten years I will spend 17.69444445 days taking selfies. Because I’m worth it!

Here is my biography and c.v so you can see what other work I’ve been doing since I started making theatre in 1997.

Clare Duffy C.V

biog jan 2019

This is my co-writer and the Chief Technical Officer for Civic Digits

Rupert Goodwins

and here is our Exec Producer

Suzy Glass