Civic Digits is a team made up of experts in their very varied fields, from tech to digital performance.

Civic Digits is dedicated to innovation, with humanity. During our development of interactive digital theatre, we have acquired skills in matching drama and technology, of creating and enthusing audiences, serious game making and solving the many problems making live theatrical events work with new technology. And, of course, the challenges of going fully online when traditional audiences just aren’t possible.


We’d love to share that experience, and our network of developers and experienced theatrical practitioners. With decades of experience both in traditional theatre and TV drama, and in identifying and implementing new technology in innovative and creative ways, we see all sides of a project and can speak the languages of both stage and silicon.


If you have an idea you’d like to develop which combines the dramatic and the digital, games and data, storytelling and presentation, or questions about what’s possible in performance in this age of mobile tech and global networking, we can offer creative guidance and practical help at all levels. We’re thrilled to be at the start of these new adventures – if you are too, talk to us and let’s see what we can do.

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