Risk Assessment


Last updated 31 August 2020

The Big Data Show is all about what it means to be you; a friend, family member and a citizen in the digital age. We are using the everyday technology, that most of us carry in our pockets and bags every day, to ask through games and performance what does it been to be in public and have privacy.

We have created a dynamic document with our ethics committee to think through what possible risks there might be when using our app SWIPE as part of workshop or performance. You can download the full document here.

Please contact us if you have any thoughts or questions about it.

This risk assessment is a dynamic document and will be updated as our project develops.

The ethics committee for The Big Data Show are:

(EK) Prof. Ewan Klein (Chair)University of EdinburghData language expert
(NC) Dr. Natalie CoullAbertay University:Ethical Hacking expert
(LP) Dr. Lynn ParkerAbertay University:Game design expert
(DS) Daniel SellersScottish GovernmentCyber Resilience
(LG) Liz GreenYouth Link Scotlandyouth work
Freda O’ByrneIndependent Artist and co-founder of Pre-wiredTheatre in Education expert