THE BIG DATA SHOW is an SQA level 3 accredited course that includes 2 in-school
workshops and a full live performance for whole S1 year groups and teachers at Perth Theatre and Edinburgh Lyceum. We have space for 2 Glasgow schools still for ‘in-school’ performances.
Perth Theatre: 8 th , 9 th and 10th June 2020 

Lyceum Edinburgh: 23rd and 24th June

If you would like your school to take part send us a message here:


The Big Data Show plugs (very acutely and vividly) right into the Scottish Government’s ambitions to raise the public’s awareness of cyber threat and to promote exciting careers in the area of ethical hacking. Daniel Sellers. Cyber
Resilience Learning and skills workstream coordinator.

The Big Data Show took young people through a powerful process of experiential learning. The ‘shock factor’ created by the show encouraged young people to critically reflect on the data they are sharing with tech companies
and the potential personal consequences. Liz Green: YouthLink Scotland

It is a really important topic, that’s not being explored enough in ways that pupils are willing to listen, the whole premise of it, using their own phones,  they were hooked. I liked the fact that you used tech to talk about tech, very collaborative and all the surprises! Drama Teacher. Perth and Kinross