Rupert Goodwins – Co-writer and CTO

Hullo, I’m Rupert Goodwins, co-writer with Clare of the Big Data Show and chief technical officer of Civic Digits. Once upon a time, I was HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh.
Or at least, that’s who the computer I and my friends hacked claimed I was. I was really a 19 year old geek in a bedroom, The story of how that happened, what happened next and why it matters today is the story of the Big Data Show, and you’ll have to come along to find out more.
I love stories. I’ve been lots of things – engineer, writer, broadcaster, journalist – but showing people how technology is part of all our stories and part of our emotional landscape and identity is my particular jam. If I can do it in words, fantastic, If I can do it with the technology itself so much the better. But, as I said, you’ll have to come to our show to find out more.