Our Board

Suzy Glass – Chair

Suzy Glass is a producer and facilitator. She moves ideas around between people, with a focus on transition and emerging futures.

Suzy is interested in finding ways to build collective knowledge and intelligence. She designs and implements learning and engagement processes that support us to think beyond our individual boundaries. Her work helps people to frame and broach complex problems that contribute to shifting paradigms. Suzy is a big fan of uncertainty: this is where powerful ideas take on their form.

Liz Green

Liz leads on workforce development for the youth work sector, digital youth work, international youth work and learning for sustainability.

“I’ve been involved in youth work since I was a teenager myself, and with a background in community and voluntary sector youth work, I’m now Workforce & Practice Manager at YouthLink Scotland, the national agency for youth work. I believe that youth work and informal education are routes helping young people to create a fairer world and that arts and culture give us different ways to understand and critique our environment.

I first connected with Civic Digits through developing digital youth work.

I love the way that Clare and her team bring creativity and technology together to address social issues. The projects, like The Big Data Show, enable impactful learning for young people, shining a light on the complex challenges they need to navigate. And supporting their knowledge and understanding to make decisions, have agency and be more powerful.

I’m excited to be a part of it!”