Rupert GoodwinsCo-writer & CTO

Rupert Goodwins

Once upon a time, I was HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. Or at least, that’s who the computer I and my friends hacked claimed I was. I was really a 19 year old geek in a bedroom, The story of how that happened, what happened next and why it matters today is the story of The Big Data Show.

I’ve worked for Sinclair and Amstrad on the ZX Spectrum’s operating system, helped build hardware used by spooks and secretaries, written music and stories for video games and been on Tomorrow’s World (a TV programme of yesteryear) twice. More recently, I’ve been a writer, broadcaster and editor concentrating on telling stories about technology for a good thirty years plus. A while ago, I lost most of my eyesight, so accessibility – or rather the lack – has caught my attention.

What excites me about Civic Digits is that it brings together everything I’ve done – making technology, finding out what people really want and need, explaining its potentials and dangers in society and exciting people about it. So much still to learn.