Hack Your Age

Hack Your Age

Hack Your Age: Imagine Technology For Your Future

The internet is becoming more embedded in our lives. But what information does it collect about you? Do you think it is designed for you? Do you know how it works or what it looks like? Do you trust it? Will it be important to your future happiness or health?

We are inviting those who are starting to consider their old age, now or in the future, to join us and PETRAS over three weekly workshops. Through chats, storytelling, theatre and making, we will make props and short performances based on your own future selves. We will explore what matters to you when it comes to the
future, and the role technology might play in this (or not!). You will have a chance to “break the internet” in a safe space and make your own fictional technology for an imagined future. No specialist knowledge is required to enjoy this workshop – just bring imagination and curiosity.

Workshop 1
Friday 18 November (2pm-4pm)

Visualising your hopes and imaginings for your future, we will create fictional future worlds through theatre. What dramas will your new technology be at the centre of?

Workshop 2
Friday 25 November (2pm-4pm)
As well as refining performances, we will play with, explore and break apart the “smart” technology of today and tomorrow: De-mystifying and questioning its purpose, workings and ethics. We will imagine what technology you would like (or not like) for your futures.

Workshop 3
Friday 2 December (2pm-4pm)

Our experts will return with prototypes of your designs. These will be the objects of your imagined futures that will feature in your performances but also be part of a future exhibition.


To register an interest please click the link below, email j.bourne@lancaster.ac.uk or call 07535266605