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Additional Resources

Information For Teachers

TBDS is a fantastic jumping off point for teachers and parents to explore the many topics of cyber resilience and digital citizenship with their young people. We have a teachers pack with lots of ideas for workshops in drama, literacy, computer science and Personal, Social, Health Education. TBDS is a Scottish Qualifications Authority course which includes two additional workshops to the show. The first workshop introduces the idea of data as a creative material, where the young people create their own ‘motorized emoji’ (using VizBlocks). They are then taught how to code these data visualization blocks to create a ‘happy face’ and a ‘sad face’. They can then use their own facial data and other types of data, such as the weather to operate them. The second workshop explores questions raised by the show itself and after a test the pupils are awarded their level 3 credit certificate.


This qualification is internationally transferable.

The Big Data Show: An Introduction to Cyber Resilience and Digital Citizenship

This document is intended to be used in conjunction with your class’s Big Data Show experience. It contains our step-by-step explanation of the experience (warning – contains spoilers!) and suggested activities during the intervals.

Teacher’s Resource Pack

Created in consultation with teaching professionals, our Teacher’s Pack for The Big Data Show contains background information about the show, classroom resources and links to further reading.

Trouble-shooting and FAQs

Having problems with the VizBlocks or have a question? We may have covered it in this document.

Risk Assessment

The Big Data Show is all about what it means to be you; a friend, family member and a citizen in the digital age. We are using the everyday technology, that most of us carry in our pockets and bags every day, to ask through games and performance what does it been to be in public and have privacy.


We have created a dynamic document with our ethics committee to think through what possible risks there might be when using our app SWIPE as part of workshop or performance. You can download the full document from this page.

Q&A With Rupert Goodwins